Dominic Longpre || Importance of Online Marketing in Real Estate Industry

Dominic Longpre || Importance of Online Marketing in Real Estate Industry

Dominic Longpre also famous as dominic Longpre forex and amf. He provides best real estate marketing tips to all the beginners as well as common people. Dominic Longpre AMF is an experienced real estate expert now he provides best real estate updates to all the new beginners in the field of real estate market.

Properties should be listed in quality websites and is preferred to be featured, because this will bring you more inquiries.

Not long ago when people were looking for properties in newspaper and calling Real Estate agents to find a property that fit their needs. Its different story now with everyone is holding a hand-held device with access to the internet. Most inquiries that are concerning real Estate nowadays are coming online because of the listing of the properties on either Real Estate websites or classified ads.

Real Estate Agent or sales person should have a background on how to work online. It’s notable that there’re large Real Estate firms on the internet and they run almost all their work online except when they meet with the client.
If you would like to expand your work online, there’re two different ways to do such thing:

• Add your properties on a quality websites and pay to promote it to be featured. – Add it to various websites along with mixing it with using social media, blogs and articles.

This is a nice way to filter the serious buyers from people who are just asking and don’t have any intention to buy.
Unfortunately, when an agent adds properties to a list, the agent who controls the list is the one who control the online market and the whole deal. Agents don’t have lots of quality Real Estate websites to choose from, and that’s why they have to deal with the buyer or tenants.

There’re some other agents who work in a hard way. First, they get the customer or tenant and take his requirements, and then they start searching the internet for a specific listing. Although it’s much easier if they just asked their nearby agents who also may have a property similar to the one the customer wants. So it’s if you have your own online list, customers will come directly to you.

Here’re some tips that you should follow if you want to expand your business and start promoting your properties online:

1 – Make a keyword research to know the best word that describe your property and use it. You may use a “Keyword research tool” either Google’s one or any other tool but it’s preferred to use Google’s tool.

2 – Use three different adverts on three different websites and start measuring the traffic that’s coming from which website so you can determine the best advert.

3 – List properties on your website

4 – Take a look on the number of hits that are coming from the adverts you put online.

5 – Change the advert weekly with different keywords and layout

6 – Professional photographs are essential in this industry, so use some while working online.

7 – Work with social media websites; you may get a decent amount of inquiries from such websites.

8 – You may use a blog to write about Real Estate news that matter for a specific local area

9 – Write articles about your special properties and submit it to article submission websites.

10 – Don’t forget email newsletter.

There’re always things to do online, online marketing is a wide area and sometimes you need an online marketing specialist to do the work for you, But there’s no doubt that online market can increase your revenue as a real estate agent.

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